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Frequently Asked Questions

DSLRoot is a unique IP solution service that offers access to “residential” IP addresses across the United States. With over 70 locations in 20+ cities across the US, we offer unlimited access to local DSL/Cable/4G/3G IP addresses.
Regular VPN/Proxy providers offer data-center IP addresses that can be easily identified by the sites you visit. In other words, sites you visit will see a data-center IP that will show the datacenter proxy address, as well as the information associated with the company that owns the datacenter. With DSLRoot, you get access to actual “residential” (home-based) IP addresses so the sites you visit will see you as coming from a local US location via domestic ISP (Internet Service Provider).
It’s simple, the value of “residential” IP addresses is much higher compared to data-center IPs. That means you can achieve better results and significantly improve your productivity rate where regular VPN/Proxy service providers simply fail to deliver.
Yes, we offer 1 hour free trial with a limited access to 2 locations.
We accept credit card and PayPal payments.
Contact our Support Department and we will be happy to guide you through each step. We value each client and our goal is to provide the best service possible.